Software - Generator Controller

HGC-2 set-up, monitoring, health checks and diagnostics can be accessed through the supplied GUI.  This program will operate on PC using a based Windows® operating system and is password protected to maintain module parameter integrity by only allowing authorized users to access different levels of the controller settings.

For ease of setting up the unit, all parameters and response are on one easy to use screen. Terminology has been used that is commonplace through the industry to allow easy configuration, set-up and running.  The GUI is intended to cater for a wide range of users with varying levels of computer familiarity.  Once configured, all the settings are stored in permanent memory within the unit, even when no power is applied.

After communications have been established, the user will be presented with the initial information screen that will give all the basic information needed to assess the health of the system. Real time graphing is available here to monitor a wide range of items (selectable from a drop down list) and for diagnostics a ‘Data Log’ button will start a Windows Excel file that can be used as diagnostics, Log a monitor for comparison to other logged charts during the system’s life or can be E-mailed to an engineering source if there is a problem for diagnosis.

Item Part Number Description
GUI for the HGC-2 023-00228 Set-up & Diagnostic software
HGC-2 Programming Cable 999-10166 USB connection