HIGH COUNTRY TEK - Programmable SERIES Valve Controllers - PC24/5

The PC24/5 converts +24Vdc to +5Vdc and is used to power Hall Effect Joy Sticks. The +24Vdc to +5Vdc Power Converter is designed specifically for harsh environments. This circuit is completely encapsulated with a rugged potting material. Two LEDs show power status. When supply power is present a red LED illuminates.  A green LED illuminates when the +5Vdc output power is present.

Item PC24/5 - P/N: 999-10074 Description
Function Power Hall Effect Joy Sticks Output Power:  +5Vdc (+/- 5%) @ 40 mAmps
Status Indicators 3  
Mobile Equipment IP67 Solid potted, 18 & 30-Pin Metri-Pack connector
Temperature ºC -40 to 85 Deg. C Operating
Voltage 10.0 to 30 VDC Reverse polarity protection and transient protection