HIGH COUNTRY TEK - Programmable SERIES Valve Controllers - DVC722

The DVC722 expansion module is a 40 digital (ON/OFF) input unit designed to work in conjunction with the DVC710 master controller. The DVC722 module provides Low-Sided (sinking) inputs that all have individually programmable features including variable de-bounce time, active high/low select, and momentary or toggle options. The DVC722 communicates with the DVC710 controller through the HCT CAN Bus (high-speed communication) and utilizes a separate RS-232 port for programming, updates, monitoring, diagnostics and features such as setting the MAC ID (node) number e.t.c. The controller is packaged in the standard DVC series enclosure and fully encapsulated to withstand the fluid power harsh operating environments.

Item DVC722 Description
Function System Expansion Module DVC710 System Expansion module
Universal Inputs -  
Analog Inputs -  
Digital Inputs 40 40 sinking inputs
Proportional PWM Outputs - -
Digital Outputs - -
CANBus, SAE J1939 1 HCTCan
RS232 - -
Customer Programmable Software P/N: 998-00009 Intella® 700 Software Suite
-Call for pricing
Intella Software Program Loader P/N: 023-000245 Intella® 700 Program Loader Monitor (PLM) -Free Download
Status Indicators 42  
Mobile Equipment IP68 Solid potted, 18 & 30-Pin Metri-Pack connector
Temperature ºC -40 to 85 Deg. C Operating
Voltage 9.0 to 32 VDC Reverse polarity protection and transient protection