HIGH COUNTRY TEK - Programmable Sub-System Controller - DVC7

The DVC7 has been designed by HCT to be a powerful but cost effective subsystem controller. The module has the processing power and I/O functionality to support a wide range of hydraulic applications with the ability to control multiple directional and proportional valves. SAE J1939 CAN Bus communications are supported for added flexibility and should more I/O capability be needed multiple DVC7's can be successfully interconnected using this increasing popular communications protocol. The controller is packaged in the standard DVC series enclosure and fully encapsulated to withstand the fluid power harsh operating environments.

Item DVC7 Description
Function Standalone Module Compliant with DVC System
Universal Inputs (Digital/Analog/Pulse) 3 0 to 20 mA / 0 to +5VDC, 0 to 8KHz. The three Digital Inputs may be configured as Pulse inputs for a total of 6 Pulse inputs, Quadrature Capable
Analog Inputs 2 0 to +5V, 10-bit resolution
Digital / Pulse Inputs 3 All digital inputs are sinking inputs, 1 System Enable Configurable
Proportional PWM Outputs 2 Output Groups Auto-Range, 0 to 90 mAmps & 0 to 3.0 Amps. Configurable as 2 PWM, 2 HS + 1 PWM, 1 PWM + 1 HS or 2 HS outputs.
Digital Outputs 6 HS 3.0 Amps each (sourcing), short protected plus open protected
Ref/Com Output 1 5V @ 500 mAmps, used to drive joysticks, Potentiometers and Hall Effect Sensors, shorts protected
CANBus, SAE J1939 1 Can Bus 2.0B – This port is used to communicate with either other DVC modules or on the J1939 Bus.
RS232 1 Programming Port and DVC61 (4 x 20 LCD) Display port
Customer Programmable Software P/N: 998-00003 Intella® 10 Software Suite - Call for pricing
Intella Software Program Loader P/N: 023-00154 Intella® 10 Program Loader Monitor (PLM) - Free Download
Status Indicators 4 User Programmable LED's, R/G
Mobile Equipment IP68 Solid potted, 30-Pin Metri-Pack connector
Temperature ºC -40 to 85 Deg. C Operating
Voltage 9.0 to 32 VDC Reverse polarity protection and transient protection
Certifications CE Declaration of Conformity

DVC7 Example Code:

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