HIGH COUNTRY TEK - Programmable System Controller - DVC10

The DVC10 Master Module is the main control module for all DVC series modules. It has a large number of inputs and outputs to work as a stand-alone unit or it can be the main module for a large CAN Bus system with up to 16 DVC expansion modules. An RS-232 port is used for programming, monitoring and driving an external display. Use with the following expansion modules (DVC21, DVC22, DVC41, DVC50, DVC61 & DVC80.

Item DVC10 Description
Function System Controller Module Master controller for DVC System
Universal Inputs (Digital/Analog/Pulse) 3 0 to 20 mA, 0 to +5VDC, 0 to +10VDC, -1 to +1VDC. The three Digital Inputs may be configured as Pulse inputs for a total of 6 Pulse inputs, Quadrature Capable
Analog Inputs 3 0 to +5V, 10-bit resolution
Digital Inputs 8 All digital inputs are sinking inputs
Proportional PWM Outputs 3 Output Groups 0 to 90 mAmps & 0 to 3.0 Amps, consult factory for Apitech or Danfoss configurations. Configurable as 3 PWM, 2 HS + 1 PWM, 1 PWM + 1 HS or 2 HS outputs.
Digital Outputs 6 HS 3.0 Amps each (sourcing), short protected plus open protected
CANBus, SAE J1939 1 Can Bus 2.0B – This port is used to communicate with either other DVC modules or on the J1939 Bus.
RS232 1 Programming Port and DVC61 (4 x 20 LCD) Display port
Customer Programmable Software P/N: 998-00003 Intella® 10 Software Suite - Call for pricing
Intella Software Program Loader P/N: 023-00154 Intella® 10 Program Loader Monitor (PLM) - Free Download
Status Indicators 21 User Programmable LED's
Mobile Equipment IP68 Solid potted, 18 & 30-Pin Metri-Pack connector
Temperature ºC -40 to 85 Deg. C Operating
Voltage 9.0 to 32 VDC Reverse polarity protection and transient protection


DVC10 Example Code:

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