HIGH COUNTRY TEK - epc-2, Electronic Pump Controller


This pre-written PC based graphical user interface ( GUI ) and corresponding application software allows the user to connect, calibrate and immediately use two separate input and output channels in one controller, making it ideal and very cost effective for open loop valve control or directional proportional control solutions.

The controller operates from a wide supply range of 10 to 32VDC so this one unit can interface with any OEM coils of either 12VDC or 24VDC with a current requirement of up to 3 Amps per coil. The GUI is designed around three easy to navigate pages where page 1 is the 'Dashboard' giving a real time overview of the controller health and input/output state. Page 2 allows the user to quick-configure the type of command required, choosing from DC Volts (0 to +5V) or Current ( 4 to 20mA ) and also select single or dual coil output configuration. And page 3 shows all the other necessary adjustments that will be needed to individually set-up and optimize each channel, including Min & Max coil currents, UP/DOWN ramp times and dither amplitude / frequencies etc. 


Item epc-2 Description

Pre-Packaged Pump Controller for Off-road Mobile Applications Dual Chanel Open Loop Pump Controller
Analog Inputs 2 0 to +5V or 0 to 20mA

Digital Inputs

2x On/Off, 0V to +V power supply (Max) with 1x additional Enable On/Off switch
Proportional Outputs 4 2x PWM output groups, 0 to 3.0 Amps
Digital Outputs 2 On/Off, 0 to 3.0 Amps; 0V to +V power supply -0.5VDC

evc-2 Programming Cable

P/N: 999-10075
RS232 serial cable (use with P/N: 108-00119, USB to RS232 converter for USB ports)
Graphical User Interface (GUI) P/N: 023-00244 evc-2 GUI - Free Download (16.56 Mb)
Program Loader Monitor P/N: 023-00245 Program loader monitor (PLM) - Free Download
NEMA/IP Rating 6P/IP68 Solid Potted - derated for connector as required
Temperature ºC -40 to +85 Deg. C Operating
Voltage 9.0 to 32 VDC Reverse polarity protection and transient protection
Certifications CE Declaration of Conformity