HIGH COUNTRY TEK - Power Saver Controller, MVP-SVR Series

The MVP-SVR is a power saver controller housed in an 18mm DIN connector body. The MVP-SVR provides high starting current to a valve coil then reduces the current to a lower operating level. Operating power is reduced thereby saving energy, reducing heat build up and extending coil life. LED indicators on the module provide an overview of the operating status. System configuration is accomplished through a clip-on infrared adapter, without removing or opening the connector body. All settings are stored in permanent memory within the unit. The unit is prewired and permanently sealed.

Application Information:

  • Easily configured using the SAM software or our Hand Held Interface
  • LED indication of Status and Output Current
  • Standard, permanently sealed DIN 43650 Form A connector body
  • Adjustable current limited output with short circuit protection
  • Start Current and Hold Current are independently adjustable
  • Adjustable start time
  • Pre-wired 18 AWG TPE cable
  • Microprocessor controlled for consistent, reliable performance

Operating Specifications:

Supply Voltage 9 to 32VDC
Supply Current Isol + 20mA
Output Current "-06A" 600mA or "-12A" 1.2A or "-25A" 2.5A Maximum
Solenoid Resistance 2 Ohms Minimum
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85 Deg. C
Enclosure Glass filled Polyamide
IP Rating IP67

Part Numbers:

Part Number Description
MVP-SVR-06A-10F Power Saver, 600mA max output, 10ft cord
MVP-SVR-12A-10F Power Saver, 1.2A max output, 10ft cord
MVP-SVR-25A-10F Power Saver, 2.5A max output, 10ft cord

For custom cord lengths replace -10F with -xxF where xx = length in feet.