HIGH COUNTRY TEK - Closed-loop Proportional Valve Controller, MVP-F Series

The MVP-F is a closed-loop proportional valve controller housed in an 18mm DIN connector body. The controller provides current to a valve solenoid in response to an input signal while monitoring a feedback signal. The controller employs a PID control algorithm. LED indicators on the module provide an overview of the operating status. System configuration is accomplished through a clip-on infrared adapter, without removing or opening the connector body. All settings are stored in permanent memory within the unit. The unit is prewired and permanently sealed.

Application Information:

  • Easily configured using the SAM software or our Hand Held Interface
  • LED indication of Status and Output Current
  • Standard, permanently sealed DIN 43650 Form A connector body
  • Selectable dither frequency up to 1000 Hz
  • Adjustable current limited output with short circuit protection
  • All input and output limits are independently adjustable
  • Fully adjustable PID control loop
  • User configurable over and under limit handling
  • Pre-wired, shielded TPE cable
  • Microprocessor controlled for consistent, reliable performance

Operating Specifications:

Item MVP-F
Supply Voltage 9 to 32VDC
Supply Current Isol + 20mA
Output Current "-06A" 600mA or "-12A" 1.2A or "-25A" 2.5A Maximum
Solenoid Resistance 2 Ohms Minimum
Dither Settings Off, 30, 33, 38, 43, 50, 60, 75, 100, 150, 300 Hz
Ramp Functions "RP1"  Ramp Up Only, "RP2" Ramp Up and Down
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85 Deg. C
Enclosure Glass filled Polyamide
IP Rating IP67

Part Numbers:

Part Number Description
MVP-F1V-06A-10F 0-10V input, 600mA max output, 10ft cord
MVP-F2A-06A-10F 0-20mA input, 600mA max output, 10ft cord
MVP-F1V-12A-10F 0-10V input, 1.2A max output, 10ft cord
MVP-F2A-12A-10F 0-20mA input, 1.2A max output, 10ft cord
MVP-F1V-25A-10F 0-10V input, 2.5A max output, 10ft cord
MVP-F2A-25A-10F 0-20mA input, 2.5A max output, 10ft cord

For custom cord lengths replace -10F with -xxF where xx = length in feet.