HIGH COUNTRY TEK - Hydraulic Generator Controllers - HGC-2, Closed Loop Controller

The highly cost effective HGC-2 is designed to control a generator driven by a hydraulic motor where speed is controlled by a proportional solenoid valve, either directly at the motor or as part of the pump compensator.

The HGC-2 is a closed loop controller that monitors the AC line voltage from the generator output for outer loop closure and provides the necessary current to a valve coil in order to maintain the desired generator frequency.  The HGC-2 has a single LED indicator on the top of the unit to provide an overview of the operating status.

The unit has enough processing power and functionality when operating as a single control module to support a wide range of hydraulic generator applications. As with all of the HCT modules, the HGC-2 is packaged in a small rugged enclosure. All connectors are sealed and the module is encapsulated to withstand extreme conditions in the harsh mobile operating environment.

The HGC-2 is housed in a small, rugged housing and is fully encapsulated for maximum reliability. All I/O connections are made through a heavy duty industry standard 8-pin Deutsch connector.

Item HGC-2 Description
Function Hydraulic Generator Controller Closed loop controller that monitors the AC line voltage from the generator
Number of Coils 1 Single 600 mAmps, 1.2Amps or 2.5Amps - See Order Guide
Control Input Frequency 100 to 250 VAC (RMS), 50/60Hz
Connector 8-Pin Deutsch  
Mating Connector Kit P/N: 999-10073  
Graphical User Interface (GUI) P/N: 023-00228 Set-up & Diagnostic software - Free Download
HGC-2 Programming Cable P/N: 999-10166 USB connection
Physical 94L x 94W x 13H mm 2 x # 8 Mounting screws
Mobile Equipment IP67 (Module Only) Solid potted
Temperature ºC -40 to +75 Deg. C Operating
Voltage 9 to 28 VDC Reverse polarity protection and transient protection
Certifications CE Declaration of conformity