HIGH COUNTRY TEK – E-Fan System Controller, EMC

The EMC is a compact single e-fan bank controller designed to control multiple variable speed brushless fans. The controller provides low current varying PWM signal to the fans based upon the command inputs. Uniquely designed for multiple uses and ranging levels of complexity. The EMC is easily integrated into simple air handling applications or more complex Tier IV and Tier V cooling systems due to the configurable thermistor and diagnostic input options in addition to SAE J1939 communication with custom message capabilities. The uniquely hardened package makes this a rugged option for the Mobile and On-Highway industries. It also is ideal for refrigeration systems, aftermarket heat exchanger packages, compartment cooling, performance vehicles, air handling systems, and isolated cooling needs like; charge air, engine bay ventilation, transmission or hydraulic oil cooling.

The EMC’s unique PID Set Point feature automatically adjusts the fan speed based upon the user set temperature while prioritizing the multiple thermistor inputs and J1939 messages. For greater performance requirements the OEM can adjust the cooling response by adjusting the PID closed loop settings. The EMC is also unique such that it can be configured through the Graphical User Interface (GUI) to control any combination of Active High and Active Low e-Fans making this a single solution for multiple fan types.

The simple and easy-to-use GUI enables the user to perform simple or complex actions based upon the configurable inputs. The GUI is password protected for OEM manufacturers in order to prevent tampering of the pre-tested and qualified OEM configurations. The GUI is designed to have a standard diagnostic dashboard for service technicians that enable access to non-critical functions while obtaining necessary functional information and recording data for troubleshooting or performance monitoring.

The EMC is a single economical hardware solution that provides a great deal of functionality making this an affordable solution for the simplest requirements to the most stringent and complex demands.

EMC Product Features:

  • CE, E-Mark *check for availability*
  • Controls 1x bank of E-Fans (multiple if connected in parallel)
  • Up to 6x SAE J1939 CAN values, 2x sensor inputs, and 6x fan diagnostic inputs
  • Bi-directional fan control for radiator 'Purge' or 'De-Ice'
  • PC based Graphical User Interface (GUI) for system configuration/diagnostics
  • Configurable I/O for system flexibility (one product used on multiple applications)
  • SAE J1455 (load dump) compliant power protection
  • Diagnostic LED's with system "status" blink code indication
  • Mini USB communication with PC for set-up/diagnostics
  • Designed to operate 12VDC or 24VDC SPAL fan units
  • Configurable Diagnostics information provided ont the CAN Bus (J1939)


Electric and Fan System Controller for Mass Transit and Off-Highway Vehicles Closed loop fan controller with reversing (purge), SAE J1939 CAN messages, temperature sensor inputs, and fan diagnostics
Analog Inputs 2 Thermistor or 0-5V

Digital Inputs
3 On/Off switches – Ignition, Reverse, Fire
6 Fan diagnostics for system control
CAN bus, SAE J1939 1 CAN bus 2.0B - Command input and diagnostics

Proportional Outputs

0.5A PWM 0 to 100% - Variable speed fan bank control - sourcing or sinking, Max 500mA with short circuit protection
PWM Dither Frequency 33 to 1000Hz Software adjustable

Digital Outputs

500mA On/Off ouput for reverse or alarm indicators
Reverse cycle (purge) feature Yes, see a short video demonstration 'Purge' or 'De-Ice' for E-Fan and hydraulic fan
Connector DTF15-12PB 12-pin Deutsch, Male
Mating Connector Kit P/N: 999-10155 12-pin connector kit

Graphical User Interface
023-00561 Set-Up & Diagnostic Software - Free Download
PC-EMC Set-Up & Diagnostic Software - USB Only
Programming Cable P/N: 108-00134 USB Mini (2M)
Physical 75L x 45W x 73H mm Enclosure Size
Mounting 3 x No.8 (5mm), SAE Grade 2 screws Mounting hardware
Housing Type Solid Potted Fameproof, 2 part epoxy resin, black
NEMA/IP Rating 6P/IP67 Solid potted

Temperature ºC
-40 to +85 Deg. C Operational Temperature
-60 to +150 Deg. C Storage Temperature
Voltage 9 to 32 VDC Reverse Polarity/J1455 load dump protection
Current Consumption + 200mA Load current quiescent Max
Certification CE, E-Mark *Check availability*
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