This version of the fan system controller has been designed to interface with an e-Fan cooling system and outputs a protected low current 0 to 5VDC proportional signal that is scaled via the configurable settings, to represent the 0 to100% fan speed demand.

The Controller uses the vehicle SAE J1939 temperature information to determine fan speed requirements and utilizes an easy to use PC based Graphical User Interface ( GUI ) to allow complete user configuration of the controller and system operation including: fan speed limiting, reverse / purge / de-ice feature, data logging and system health monitoring.

The unit has an alarm output that can be used to interface with external systems, alerting the vehicle operator to a cooling issue that needs attention.

The controller has an extended supply voltage and operating temperature range and is fully protected by flame resistant resin to ensure reliable operation under extreme environmental conditions.

All electrical connections are made through the industry standard IP67 12 way male Deutsch connector, with set-up via a 4 way female WeatherPack connector ( not shown for clarity ).

emc-1V Product Features:

  • Pre-written Windows™ software application, ready for user values
  • Interfaces with VFD or other high voltage motor controllers
  • Optimizes fan speed control relative to temperature requirements
  • Engines or systems with SAE J1939 capability
  • Bi-Directional fan feature allows radiator 'purge' or 'De-Ice'
  • 3 x temperature zone inputs direct from SAE J1939 data bus
  • 2 x additional discrete inputs temperature sensor
  • 1x 0-5VDC output for interface with 'smart' e-Fans
  • 2 x ON/OFF outputs for fan reverse indicator and external alarm
  • 1x Manual fan reverse sequence trigger
  • 1x 'Heat Event' detection system interface input
  • 1x Ignition switch position I/P for safety lockout
  • SAE J1455 ( load dump) compliant power protection
  • System 'error' indicator LED with blink code

Item emc-1V Series Description

Electric Fan System Controller for Off-Road Mobile Equipment Closed loop fan controller with reversing (purge) and SAE J1939 CAN messages

Analog Inputs

Coolant "Wet" temperature sensor
Air "Dry" temperature sensor -#2 optional fire switch
Digital Input 1 On/Off switch - Reverse

CAN bus, SAE J1939

Pre-defined messages for charge air, transmission oil and water temperature

Proportional Output

0 to 5VDC (interface with "smart" e-Fans
Digital Outputs 2 On/Off Reverse and Alarm up to 3 Amps (Max)
Reverse cycle (purge) feature Yes, see a short video demonstration Lo to Hi logic input with software de-bounce
Connector 12-Pin Deutsch  
Mating Connector Kit P/N: 999-10155 Deutsch DTF15-12PB

Graphical User Interface (GUI)
P/N: 023-00264 Set-up & Diagnostic Software - Free Download
P/N: CD-EMC-1P Set-up & Diagnostic Software - CD Only
emc-1V Programming Cable P/N: 999-10075 2 Meters long with RS232 connection
Physical 94L x 94W x 13H mm 3 x # 8 Mounting screws
NEMA/IP Rating 6P/IP67 Solid Potted - derated for connector as required
Temperature ºC -40 to +85 Deg. C Operating
Voltage 9 to 32 VDC Reverse polarity protection and transient protection
Certifications CE Declaration of conformity
ROI Calculator ROI Calculator Link Electric fan drive system savings calculator - Excel spreadsheet