HIGH COUNTRY TEK - Controller for use with proportional solenoid valves, DRF Series

The DRF is a compact, DIN-rail mounted controller for use with proportional solenoid valves. The DRF can be set to operate in open loop (current feedback) mode or closed loop (external feedback) mode. In open loop mode the controller provides current to a valve coil in proportion to an input signal. In closed loop mode the controller uses external feedback to maintain a velocity or pressure proportional to an input signal. The loop closure utilizes industry standard PID control algorithms. Bright LED indicators on the front of the unit provide an overview of the operating status. Setup is accomplished through a convenient hand held interface or a PC. Once configured, the settings are stored in permanent memory within the unit. The DRF enclosure features convenient DIN-rail mounting and removable terminal blocks

Application Information:

  • Easily configured using the SAM software or our Hand Held Interface
  • Front panel indicators for Power, Output Current and System Faults
  • USB port for setup and monitoring
  • Standard 35mm DIN rail mounting
  • Removable terminals to simplify wiring and maintenance
  • Control input options include +/-10V and 4-20mA
  • Adjustable current limited output with short circuit protection
  • Selectable dither frequency up to 1000 Hz
  • Reference voltage outputs for potentiometer/joystick controls
  • Multiple modes for single and dual coil, open or closed loop applications
  • Independently adjustable min and max settings for input and output
  • Adjustable ramp up and ramp down rates
  • Microprocessor controlled for consistent, reliable performance

Operating Specifications:

Item DRF
Supply Voltage 9 to 32VDC
Supply Current Isol + 50mA
Output Current "-06A" 600mA or "-12A" 1.2A or "-25A" 2.5A Max.
Solenoid Resistance 2 Ohms Minimum
Reference Voltages -10V, +10V @ 20mA
Dither Settings 30, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, 1000 Hz
Analog Input Range "DRF-Vxx"  -10 to 10V, "DRF-Axx" 0 to 20mA
Analog Input Impedance "DRF-Vxx" 38 K Ohms, "DRF-Axx" 250 Ohm
Analog Input Resolution 10 bits
Operating Temperature Range -20 to +70 Deg. C
Enclosure Polyamide
Dimensions Inch: 0.69 W x 4.50 H x 4.30 D mm: 17.5 W x 114.5 H x 109.4 D

Part Numbers:

2 Input/Output Channels
4 Input/Output Channels
Voltage Input -10V to +10V
Current Input 0 to 20mA
600mA Output
1.2A Output
2.5A Output

Example: DRF4-V06 is a 4 channel, voltage input, 600mA outputs.