HIGH COUNTRY TEK - EVC, Electronic Valve Controller - A Multi-Function SAE J1939-Compatible Module

The EVC is one of the most versatile and precise electronic valve controllers on the market today. Configured using an intelligent graphical user interface (GUI), the EVC can be used in simple proportional single- and dual-coil applications or in more complex closed-loop pressure/speed control solutions. The command signal can be either industry standard voltage ( 0 to 5 or 0 to 10V ) or current ( 4 to 20mA ) while the mobile industry can take advantage of the SAE J1939 compatibility for horsepower limiting or anti-stall applications.

The EVC module has been designed to be a cost-effective solution to many of today's valve control projects. Designed with two 12-bit 3.0-amp outputs, the EVC is compatible with a wide range of 12- and 24-volt coil requirements and manufacturers. The unit uses standard Deutsch connectors, operates with minimal wiring requirements and is fully encapsulated to protect to IP67, meaning it can be mounted externally in extreme environments to save costly enclosures.

Take advantage of set-up tools such as data logging and real-time graphing via the GUI in addition to the save/load functions for repeatability and configuration management. The EVC has an industry unique feature where it can be powered by the mini-USB for desktop configuration while the coil output is turned off but GUI and parameter settings are fully operational, making this an ideal product for multiple functions. In short, you can do more with the EVC.

Product Features:

  • Open-loop proportional pressure OR flow control
  • Closed-loop PID proportional pressure OR speed control
  • Single- or dual-coil, 12 or 24Vdc valve controller
  • Configurable input and feedback signals
  • 2x 3.0-amp proportional PWM outputs (auto-ranging)
  • Anti-stall or Horsepower-limiting modes
  • Frequency / tacho / pulse feedback I/P
  • SAE J1455 (load dump) compliant power protection
  • Direct communications with PC via standard mini USB
  • Ideal for external placement - NO enclosure needed
  • Unique "Solid" potting with flame retardant materials

Example Applications:

  • Mobile Equipment
  • Skid Steer
  • Boom Control
  • Hydraulic Implement Control
  • Winch Control
  • Conveyor Speed
  • Constant Pressure Control
  • Constant Flow Control
  • Anti-Stall with Automatic Reversing
  • Horsepower Limiting

Item EVC Series Description
Function Multi-Function Digital Valve Driver General-purpose single- or dual-coil open loop PWM valve driver
Number of Coils 1x single or dual 0 to 3.0 Amps
Control Input Voltage, Current or SAE J1939 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 4-20 mA & SAE J1939
Connector 12-Way Deutsch DTF12-12PB
Graphical User Interface (GUI) P/N: 023-00259 Set-up & diagnostic software - Free download
PC Communications P/N: 108-00134 Mini USB to 5 Pin, 1 Meter Long
Feedback Input Frequency / pulse only - software selectable 3 to 30 kHz
Ref Output +5-V stabilized voltage for joystick, pot. e.t.c. +5-V @ 5 mA (current limited 1 KΩ )
Physical 125 x 61 x 46 mm 2x # 8 Mounting screws
Mobile Equipment NEMA 6P/ IP67, 69K Solid potted
Temperature ºC -40 to +85 Deg. C Operating
Voltage 9 to 32 VdC Reverse polarity protection and transient protection
Certifications SAE J1455