HIGH COUNTRY TEK - Plug Top Driver - Electronic Soft Shift Controllers

The PTD-SS1 & PTD-SS10 plug top driver version is a valve top mounted, DIN 43650 'soft start, soft stop' controller for use with a range of valves including on/off valves.

These controllers can be set to jump to a preset 'step' voltage then ramp up to maximum at a preset rate.
It can also be set to jump down to a preset 'step' voltage and ramp down to zero.

These features can be used to eliminate 'bangs' or hydraulic shocks associated with operating a hydraulic valve.

Application Information:

  • Electrically adjustable Soft start / Soft Stop controller
  • Rate of change not viscosity dependent
  • Can be used with all types of electro-hydraulic valves
  • Repeatable 'Bumpless' Compression / De-compression
  • Perfect for load / Un-load circuits to reduce wear

Item PTD-SS1 & PTD-SS10 Description
Function Plug Top Driver Electronic Soft Shift Controller
Number of Coils 1 3.0 Amps Max., 36 Watts Max.
Command Input Value Voltage only +5 to +V Supply Max.
Input Resistance ~820 Ohms  
Step UP/DOWN adjustment ~0 to ~100%  
PTD-SS1 Ramp Times 50mS to ~1 Seconds Separate Up and Down settings
PTD-SS10 Ramp Times 50mS to ~10 Seconds Separate Up and Down settings
Connector DIN 43650 1 Meter flying leads
Coil Resistance 4.8 to 30 Ohms @ 20 Deg C  
Physical Solid Potted 94L x 94W x 13H mm
Mobile Equipment NEMA 6 / IP65 Solid potted
Temperature ÂșC -20 to +70 Deg. C Operating
Voltage 10 to 30 VDC Reverse polarity protection and transient protection
Certifications CE