System Accessories

HIGH COUNTRY TEK - TekBook - Programming and set-up tool

Our new TekBook will now allow mobile users and field operatives to have access to HCT’s full featured standard graphical user interfaces ( GUI’s ) for specialty and DVC product ranges, making programming, set-up, data-logging and modifications easier, simpler and clearer than ever before.

The TekBook comes with a 10.1” anti-glare LED backlit display, running standard Windows™ 7 Home operating system. An integrated mouse, 92% full size keyboard, large hard drive, multiple USB ports and additional external memory card slots, makes this unit easy to use and integrate into any system environment.

The unit has outputs for external VGA monitors / PC projector as well as internal camera and microphone for Skype usage, while the 10/100BASE-T Ethernet LAN or 802.11b/g wireless features allows the user to connect to a wired office LAN or wirelessly via hotspots or convenient wireless signals to make sure contact can be made when needed.

TekBook Product Features:

  • Full color, portable product programming & set-up work station
  • Pre-loaded with general and selected HCT software and drivers
  • Supplied with HCT programming cable (product specific)
  • Genuine Windows™ 7 Home operating system & 2010 Office Starter
  • VGA output, Memory card slots and Network capability as standard

Pre-loaded Software:

  • DVC series Intella™ PLM - Latest available version ( unless specified by user )
  • HCT product information files
  • USB to RS232 adaptor drivers approved for use with HCT software
  • Opto3000 USB drivers
  • Customer specific / requested software
  • *Crossloop™ - Remote access package used by HCT FAE’s to operate TekBook from their base

*TekBook must be connected to Internet for Crossloop to operate