System Accessories


HCT's line of sensors for hydraulic fan drive closed loop systems are industry standard direct installation into radiator plug ports, charge air cooling (CAC) manifolds and can be used for ambient air reference / offset applications.

The 3-Channel thermistor simulator unit simulates up to 3 separate temperature setpoints for the HFS, HFS-2, HFS-2Q and HFS-J controllers. Ideal for manual control bench testing, configurations and setup.

Sensor Product Features:

  • "Wet" fluid sensor - brass body, No galvanic reactions with fluids
  • "Dry" fluid sensor - thermoplastic body, No galvanic reactions with metals
  • Thread size: 3/8" - 18NPTF (call for Metric Sizes)
  • Typical supply voltage: +5VDC
  • Temperature range: -40 to +150 Deg. C (Operational)