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HIGH COUNTRY TEK - SAM Setup and Monitoring Software

The Setup and Monitoring Software (SAM) was developed in conjunction with our controls devices MVP, DR and ProValve to simplify system configuration. Instead of tweaking small potentiometers and switches the SAM software allows you to set and monitor parameters with common terms and standard units. Simply scroll through to the desired parameter and view or adjust the setting.

The SAM software also offers the ability to read all parameters with one operation. The parameters can then be viewed on the screen in table form and saved to a file for future use. The settings list can then be written to another device for duplication, backup, etc. The table of settings can also be printed for a hard copy record. These features make the SAM software an easy, effective way to communicate with the controls devices.


View and set individual parameters
Monitor parameters in real time
Read all parameters from controller into table
Write all parameters from table to controller
Load parameters into table from file
Save parameters from table to file
Print hard copy of parameter table
Technical support


Part Numbers:

Part Number Description
CSW-CNC Configuration software on CD, cables not included
CSW-FNC Configuration software on Flash Drive, cables not included

The appropriate adapter cable is also required:

PCA1 Adapter cable for use with ProValve products
CBL-IRA * or CBL-IRMU * Infrared adapter cable for use with MVP products
CBL-USB & HHI2USB USB cable and converter for use with DR products

* USB IR adapters require the serial to USB converter HHI2USB to be used with the Hand held Interface.