System Accessories

HIGH COUNTRY TEK - Progarming Cables & Adaptors

High Country Tek's programming cables and adaptors are for our PC configurable products such as the DVC series programmable controllers, fan controllers, generator controllers and universal open loop valve drivers.

Programming Cables & Adaptors:

  • P/n: 999-10075, DVC Series RS232 Programming Cable - use with 108-00119 for USB connections
  • P/n: 108-00119, USB to RS232 HCT approved adaptor
  • P/n: Opto3000, programming cable for use with: HFS, HFS-2, HFS-2Q, HFS-J & Power-Line unit
  • P/n: 999-10166, programming cable for use with the HGC-2 generator controller
  • P/n: CBL-IRA or CBL-IRMU, adapter cable for use with MVP products