System Accessories


HCT's line of SAE J1939 ruggedized Keypads are fully compatible with the DVC programmable product series.

These units are compact, cost effective solution to add push button and fully programmable indicators to your project. The Keypads are sealed making them ideal for mobile and harsh environment applications.

You're able to move your diagnostic LED's from the DVC module into operator view and these units do not use or not require any physical I/O on the DVC controllers.

Keypad Product Features:

  • Fully compatible with DVC series controllers
  • Five standard keypad form factors available

  • Programmable via SAE J1939

  • Tactile switch elements

  • Addressable LED indicators and back-lit legends

  • Vibration and impact resistant

  • Long life: 1,000,000 push cycles per key

  • Easy mount configuration

  • Support for multiple key press combinations