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HIGH COUNTRY TEK - IR Cable Adapters

Infrared Cable Adapters provide an interface between HCT's MVP controllers and the HHI or a PC. Several versions of the adapter are available. Each IR Adapter Cable is powered from the HHI or computer port to which it is connected. An IR Adapter Cable is required only during configuration or monitoring of the HCT controller.

Part Numbers:

Part Number Description
CBL-IRA * 9-pin serial port infrared adapter cable for use with MVP products
CBL-IRMU * USB infrared adapter cable for use with MVP products
PCA1 Adapter cable for use with ProValve products
HHI2USB USB converter for use with DR products
CBL-USB USB cable converter for use with HHI2USB (picture not shown)

* USB IR adapters require the serial to USB converter HHI2USB to be used with the Hand held Interface.

Note: HCT's USB devices require a driver for communications with a PC. The following file is required when installing the USB device the first time. (This file in included with the SAM Software.) Click here to download





PCA1 Cable