Product Accessory

HIGH COUNTRY TEK - Hand Held Interface (HHI)

The Hand Held Interface (HHI) is an attractive option for on-site work. This portable, self-contained unit is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket yet provides fast, easy setup and monitoring. The interface consists of just five buttons and a high contrast display. The interface allows you to instantly connect, view, and adjust any setting.

The Hand Held Interface is designed for use with MVP, DR and ProValve controllers.

Part Numbers:

Part Number Description
HHI-BC Hand Held Interface with battery

The appropriate adapter cable is also required:

PCA1 Adapter cable for use with ProValve products
CBL-IRA * or CBL-IRMU * Infrared adapter cable for use with MVP products
CBL-USB & HHI2USB USB cable and converter for use with DR products

* USB IR adapters require the serial to USB converter HHI2USB to be used with the Hand held Interface.