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Read about High Country Tek, Inc. in Diesel Progress Magazine 
"High Country Tek (HCT) works with some of the largest companies in the mobile equipment industry, and a key element of its success has been in developing unique solutions for specialty equipment manufacturers." - Chad Elmore, Senior Editor

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HCT Introduces a NEW DVC Programmable Controller  - DVC707
The DVC707 has been designed by HCT to be a powerful but cost effective system controller. Capable of multiple input and output options, the DVC707 is fully functional as a stand alone sub-system controller or combine with I/O expansion modules for complete system solutions.

Visit our application library for additional resources, here.

See the details in our E-NewsletterHCT Introduces a NEW DVC Programmable Controller

HCT's NEW Single Fan Bank Controller  - EMC

EMC HCT is excited to introduce the new EMC Single e-Fan Bank Controller. This compact but rugged controller is equipped with configurable sensor inputs and SAE J1939 communication while designed to interface with nearly all smart e-Fan configurations.

  • On-demand and set-point control
  • Compatible with +12Vdc and +24Vdc variable speed brushless electric fans
  • Automatic detection of active high and active low fans
  • Adjustable output frequency from 33 to 1,000Hz
  • Simple and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Invert the duty cycle through GUI

See the details in our E-NewsletterHCT's NEW Single Fan Bank Controller

Sun Hydraulics NEW Bluetooth Embedded Amplifier  - Embedded Bluetooth

Bluetooth Embedded Amplifier High Country Tek, Inc. and Sun Hydraulics have developed the fluid power industry's first commercially available Bluetooth-configurable product. Provided in a compact factory-integrated coil and connector combination for use with Sun's proportional solenoid valves. Users can configure the embedded amplifier wirelessly via our new app, AmpSet Blue(TM), using iOS and Android mobile devices for quick, easy, and reliable wireless calibration.

Visit Sun's website for more information, here.

For a detailed product demonstration video, click here.

See the details in our E-NewsletterSun Hydraulics NEW Bluetooth Embedded Amplifier

HCT's Display Solutions  - PowerVision Series

HCT Display Solutions Optimize the features and capabilities of your application with the addition of a rugged full color, monochrome, or character display.

Our experienced team can work with you and incorporate custom menus, messages, logos, and re-design the look and feel to give your product the competitive edge.

For more informaiton, visit the PV380, PV450, and PV780 product pages.

  • Custom branding
  • Daylight visible / TFT LCD
  • Custom menu design
  • Video inputs and touch screen options

See the details in our E-NewsletterHCT's Display Solutions

Industrial Controllers  - DR and Pro Valve Series

The DR and Pro Valve Series are a line of proportional valve controllers designed specically for the industral market. Several versions are available for open and closed-loop velocity and position control applications.

  • Multiple embedded automation options for simple tasks
  • Closed-loop velocity or position control
  • Designed for larger machines or sub systems
  • Control 1,2, and 4 proportional valves
  • Easily configured using SAM software or HHI

See the details in our E-NewsletterHCT's Industrial Controllers

Integrated  Solutions  with Sun Hydraulics

HCT's controllers are fully potted, allowing them to be mounted to virually any flat surface, or even directly to the manifold, resulting in an integrated package that:

  • Minimizes external wiring
  • Reduces potential connection errors and electrical losses
  • Decreases installation time

See the details in our E-NewsletterIntegrated Solutions with Sun Hydraulics

HCT's  Market  Solutions At-A-Glance

High Country Tek offers a wide range of hydrualic solutions for the On and Off-highway market. Numerous versions are available for open and closed loop applications.

  • More than 20 years of electo-hydraulic design experience
  • Worldwide destribution with qualified sales support
  • Endless solutions for the On- and Off-highway, industustrial, and marine industries
  • 4 week delivery on ALL standard orders

See the details in our E-NewsletterHCT's Market Solutions At-A-Glance

Newly  Designed  - MVP Series, Single Valve Controller

The MVP Series is a line of proportional valve controllers each housed in an 18mm DIN connector body. Several versions are available for open and closed loop applications. These controllers are CE certified for off-road mobile markets and now improved to meet more rigorous requirements.

  • Supply voltage now 9 to 32VDC
  • Improved operating temperature -40 to +85 Deg C
  • Permentaly sealed and potted

See the details in our E-NewsletterNewly Designed MVP Controllers

New  Product  - EMC-6 & EMC-6L, Hybrid Fan System Controller

HCT's first CE and E-Mark certified product for the Mass Transit and Off-Road markets world-wide. Increase fuel economy and reduce emissions by controlling variable speed electric and hydraulic fans, water pumps, and engine accessories. The EMC-6 is the single solution to the On-Road and Off-Road industry emissions and fuel efficiency concerns due to the breadth of control capabilities, input and output options, CAN bus communication, customizable software, and its' ruggedized fireproof hardware. EMC-6 Product Page

We stand behind our products, we know you will too!

  • CE and E-Mark Certified for Mass Transit and Off-Highway vehicles
  • Controls 1 Hydraulic or e-fan bank & up to 5 additional e-fan banks
  • Up to 3x 0-5VDC outputs (water pump, servo control, etc.)
  • 12 fan diagnostic inputs (ON/OFF)
  • 10 predefined and configurable SAE J1939 CAN messages
  • 6 analog inputs for temperature sensors or potentiometers
  • Bi-directional fan control for radiator 'Purge' or 'De-Ice'
  • PC based Graphical User Interface (GUI) for system configuration/diagnostics
  • SAE J1455 (load dump) compliant power protection
  • Diagnostic LED's with system "status" blink code indication
  • Internal and external data logging
  • USB or RS-232 communications with PC for set-up/diagnostics
  • Designed to operate 12VDC or 24VDC SPAL fan units

See the details in our E-NewsletterEMC-6 Product Release Oct 2014

New  Product  - emc-3, Programmable Series Valve Controllers

The new generation of fan controllers using electric motors starts with the market driven development of the emc-3. This robust module can individually control up to 3 banks of electric 'Smart' fans allowing precise and accurate forward or reverse cooling air flow across the radiator elements as needed, while the SAE J1939 interface on this module makes full use of the temperature data available while reducing the wire connections and harness requirements to a minimum size and complexity.

New  Product  - Two new multi-function driver modules called the evc (electronic valve controller) and epc (electronic pump controller).

The evc / epc controllers are new from the ground up, value engineered and upgraded versions of the Power-Line controller, that include all the operational features you are familiar with plus several new market demanded options that will help you to promote sales. Combining easy to use PC based Graphical User Interfaces (GUI's) for valve or pump configurations, with full current auto-ranging and smart command interfaces, makes this an ideal low cost inventory product for quick solutions and multiple uses from one part number.

evc / epc Product Features:
  • Fully written GUI's for fast, easy set-up by users with non-electronic capabilities – no need for software writers, high costs, time delays or specialized personnel
  • SAE J1939 node capability – use the module as an addressable dual proportional driver at point of need in ANY distributed I/O systems
  • Auto-ranging current output – from a few mA up to 3Amps, PWM output with variable dither frequency.
  • 0-5V, 0-10V 4-20mA or SAE J1939 addressable command inputs for mobile, industrial or digital interface to systems
  • Full CE and SAE J1455 ( Load Dump ) conformity
  • Industry standard 12-Pin Deutsch I/O connector (IP69K) for main connections to system
  • Sealed, USB-Mini B, to direct connect and power the unit at your desk for controller configuration, set-up, GUI familiarity and training, before going into the field
  • Diagnostic LED's with information flash codes for fast conclusion to wiring and operational issues
  • Private labeling with your logo, part number and website information as required
  • Unique 'Solid' potting with flame retardant materials

New  Product  - PTD-SS1, Plug Top Driver, Electronic Soft Shift Controller

The PTD-SS1 is a 'soft start, soft stop' controller for use with a range of valves including on/off valves. The controller can be set to jump to a preset 'step' voltage then ramp up to maximum at a preset rate. It can also be set to jump down to a preset 'step' voltage and ramp down to zero. These features can be used to eliminate 'bangs' or hydraulic shocks associated with operating a hydraulic valve.

New  Product  - epc-2, Dual Channel GUI and Controller Module

This epc-2 pre-written PC based graphical user interface ( GUI ) and corresponding application software allows the user to connect, calibrate and immediately use two separate input and output channels in one controller, making it ideal and very cost effective for open loop pump control or directional proportional control solutions.

Click here for epc-2 advertisement on Hydraulics & Pneumatics magazine.

New  Product  - DVC710, 700 Series System Controller Module

The DVC710 Master Module is the main control module for all DVC700 series modules. It has a large number of inputs and outputs to work as a stand-alone unit or it can be the main module for a large CAN Bus system of DVC700 serial expansion modules. Dual SAE J1939 Can ports and an RS-232 port is used for programming, monitoring and driving an external display.

New  Product  - TekBook-110

Our new TekBook-110 will now allow mobile users and field operatives to have access to HCT’s full featured standard graphical user interfaces ( GUI’s ) for specialty and DVC product ranges, making programming, set-up, data-logging and modifications easier, simpler and clearer than ever before.

New  Product  - Plug Top Driver

High Country Tek, Inc. Introduces the latest in a range of cost effective proportional driver products.  These Plug Top Drivers (PTD) are designed to control single valve coils, and come in 12 or 24V versions that can interface with 4-20mA or 0-10V command signals.

Simple analog technology, full CE compliance and HCT’s signature potting process makes these very physically robust and ideal for use in valve stack or manifold applications.

Each controller comes pre-wired with 3M/10 feet of 4 core color coded cable as well as a complete mounting kit allowing secure connection to any valve with a DIN 43650 interface.

New  Product  - HGC-2 Generator Controller

The highly cost effective HGC-2 is designed to control a generator driven by a hydraulic motor where speed is controlled by a proportional solenoid valve, either directly at the motor or as part of the pump compensator.

The HGC-2 is a closed loop controller that monitors the AC line voltage from the generator output for outer loop closure and provides the necessary current to a valve coil in order to maintain the desired generator frequency.  The HGC-2 has a single LED indicator on the top of the unit to provide an overview of the operating status.