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Pre-Packaged Solutions

Qwik Pick Solutions
evc-2 Dual Channel Valve Controller

Programmable Controller Products

Intella™ 700 Software Suite
DVC707 Programmable Controller
DVC710 Programmable Controller
DVC725 Programmable Controller
DVC745 Programmable Controller
PC24/5 Power Supply
PC24/5TS, Temperature Sensor & Conditioner
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Displays / HMI's

DVC61 4 x 20 LCD Character Display Module
PV380 3.8" LCD Monochrome Display
PV450 4.3" LCD Color Display
PV780 7" LCD Color Display
PowerVision Configuration Studio Software

Digital Controller Products

evc - Single Channel Valve Controller

MVP Series

MVP-C, Proportional Valve Controller
MVP-F, Closed-loop Proportional Valve Controlle
MVP-R, Ramping Valve Controller
MVP-SVR, Power Saver Controller

DR Series

DRC, Open-loop Proportional Solenoid Valve Controller
DRF, Controller for use with proportional solenoid valves

ProValve Series

ProValve 100, Open-loop Proportional Solenoid Valve Controller
ProValve 200, Closed-loop Proportional Solenoid Valve Controller

Fan Controller Products

Temperature Sensors
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HFS, PWM Controller
HFS-2 & HFS-2Q, PWM Controller with Reversing
HFS-J, SAE J1939 PWM Controller with reversing
HFS-J-Bus, SAE J1939 SPN986 Controller with reversing
EMC, Single e-Fan Bank Controller
EMC-6 & EMC-6L, Hybrid Fan System Controller
Opto3000 Communication

Generator Controller Products

HGC-2, Closed loop controller that monitors the AC line voltage from the generator.

Analog Controller Products

HAU, Single PWM Controller
HAD, Dual PWM Controller
PTD Plug Top Driver Series, Single PWM Driver
PTD Plug Top Driver, Electronic Soft Shift Driver

System Accessories

System Accessories
Opto3000 Communication

Custom Products

Custom Products

Legacy Products