Industry Applications

HIGH COUNTRY TEK - On Road / Off Road

High Country Tek (HCT) equipment is designed to be robust and operate reliably in harsh environments seen by mobile equipment.

Emission Control – HCT works with leading global companies to monitor emission systems and also control the latest SCR ( selective catalytic converter ) technology

Military – Systems utilizing the hardened HCT controllers makes getting the job done in a theatre of operation

Demolition equipment – The ‘pounding’ seen by destructive machinery is severe, hammering and ‘G-Forces’ are not a problem for our fully encapsulated modules

Refuse and recycling – Control of power saving systems is part of what we do at HCT – Valves, Gear, Vane or Piston technologies are all part of the solutions.

Reclamation & Salvage – Whether crushing, shredding, chipping or compacting, HCT has a controller that can be used to make the application work

Click here for DVC700 series example applications that could be used in these industries.

Rock Crusher