Industry Applications

HIGH COUNTRY TEK - Utilities / Marine

Packaged solutions to multi-module systems, we can provide any range of alternatives to make your project a success in these markets

Power generation – De-coupled hydraulic generators mean more efficiency and optimized location – we already supply major OEM’s try us for your local solution

Mining and exploration – above ground, open face or open pit – gold, copper or ore, we control blast hole and water drill rigs, auxiliary mining equipment and water tanker sprayers that comply with MOSHA

Construction – Building, moving, spreading or laying material – we have modules and controllers that can help you do that in your system with great results

Oil Industry – Oil fields or tar sands – we have controllers for rig upgrades and re-powers that provide constant speed on variable cavity lift pumps – improving efficiency, reliability and production yield

Click here for DVC700 series example applications that could be used in these industries.

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