Customer Service

What to expect when doing business with High Country Tek.

• Courteous, timely responses to your communications
• Easy to work with personnel, on any level and at any time
• On-time delivery of products
• Pre-programmed to your specifications
• Flexible pricing and delivery schedules to suit systems and market needs
• Fast response for information and quotation requests
• Same day response for product, technical or issue support
• Fast paced design, development and leading edge technology usage
• Highly informative website with all the controller information available
• Access to a growing database of proven DVC software ‘Sub-routines’ 

Our customer service staff is available 8:00AM PT to 5:00PM PT to assist you.

Request a quote, Place an order, Check order status, Tracking information
Request for information
Warrantee, service and/or a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number

E-mail at: info@HCTControls

High Country Tek, Inc.
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Tel: (1) 530 265 3236, Option # 2
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