About Us

High Country Tek, Inc. (HCT), founded in 1983 in Nevada City California is recognized as North America’s foremost independent designer and producer of modular, extremely robust, high reliability digital and analog electronic controller products for the fluid power industry.

Our signature method of total encapsulation using a flame resistant resin offers complete electrical integrity, making both our ‘Specialty Range’ and our fully programmable DVC™ series impervious to the typically harsh environment seen in the industry while providing full and uninterrupted operation.

HCT can provide authentic U.S. built products with application support locally or if required, at any location across the globe with our in-house customer support or through our distribution channels based around the world. We offer training on our products, application programming and usage while our flexible and innovative configuration allows us to offer extended services that include private labeling of any existing HCT product or full customer special product design with unique packaging if required.

Recognized as innovators and market leaders covering general Mobile, Industrial and Marine applications, we are also, globally acknowledged in the ‘Hydraulic fan cooling’ and ‘Hydraulic generator controller’ segments where significant fuel, emission and operational savings can be realized by using one of the company’s controllers to optimize the applications operation.

Please feel free to look around our website and contact us if you would like to discuss an opportunity, particular controller or an application that you need to control, our sales and application team would be pleased to work with you.

Management Team

Lennart Hjord, President,  joined High Country Tek, Inc. in January 2010 and brings more than 30 years of international and domestic general management experience with him.  Lennart has an extensive background in sales, marketing, product line management, services, engineering and manufacturing, working for large and small Information Technology companies in Sweden, Germany and France and since 1993 in the US.  He started his career with IBM’s manufacturing plant in Stockholm, with a strong focus on industrial processes and automation, and moved into Marketing and Sales for IBM and subsequently Digital Equipment where he was the GM of their European Technology Center.  Since moving to the US, he has held senior management positions at Oracle and Quantum as well as CEO for  Cygnet, a digital data storage solution company with a similar size and structure as High Country Tek Inc.  Lennart, a native of Sweden, holds a Masters of Electronics Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, and relocated to Nevada City, the home of HCT, in 2001 when he become the WW Operations manager for Thomson Grass Valley, a global professional video equipment market leader.

Rob Hulse, rejoined High Country Tek, Inc. (HCT) in September of 2012 and brings over 21 years of experience in Control System Engineering associated with the industrial, mobile, production, and aerospace industries. Rob started his career in the newspaper industry developing high speed pasting and accurate tensioning systems for companies such as the New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle, then joined HCT for the first time as a Sr. Electronics Engineer, who during a six year period, developed and launched the initial range of innovative digitally programmable electronic controllers for the fluid power markets, known today as the DVC series. Rob then decided to expand his horizons and moved into the production and aerospace industries for experience where he was quickly promoted to VP of Engineering managing several diverse engineering teams for companies such as General Dynamics and Alpha Research & Technology, before deciding to return to High Country Tek to take on this new challenging role. Rob holds a Bachelor’s of Applied Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and brings an extensive range of engineering and product development experience to the company.

Mike Kitowski, rejoined HCT in 2011 and brings over 30 years experience in manufacturing highly complex electro-mechanical products. Prior to HCT, he held positions of increasing responsibility with Tektronix, Cineflex Camera Systems and Axsys Technologies. Mike has a broad background in Operations including Engineering Services, Sales Order Management, Materials Management, Manufacturing Engineering, Assembly and Test. He is well versed in Quality Management, having led operations teams through two successful ISO 9001:2008 certifications. Mike holds an Associate degree in Mechanical Design & Drafting and a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco.

Mike Lucas, joined HCT in September of 2010.  Mike has 29 years of experience in industries from machine tools to scientific instrumentation.  Mike is named on United States Patent 6,866,461.  Mike has hands on experience developing, certifying, producing and supporting electromechanical products.  Mike’s education includes an ASEE from Vermont Technical College.

Doug Morgan, joined HCT in January 2012. Doug brings more than 25 years' experience in Operations management within manufacturing organizations across diverse industries. He has held senior management positions for international high-tech electronics companies, and earned a reputation as a leader that successfully steers organizations through substantial growth periods. Doug has experience in developing quality-focused strategies through implementing process improvement projects that include ISO 9001-2000 Certification and has consistently improved operating performance in On Time Delivery, Customer Responsiveness and Quality. Doug received his Bachelor of Science, with honors, from California State University, Sacramento in Business with focus in Production, Operations and Systems Management.